June 7, 2024

Choosing the right video analysis software for Youth Sport. Part 2

Written by:
Andy Muir

You’ve got your players engaged, and now they're curious to learn more. Happy days!

Following on from Part 1 that was focused on “Engage”, lets dive into the “Discover” element of our 3 part mini-series on video analysis software for youth sport. 

As with everything at Coach Logic, nothing is restricted to specific roles or individuals within the squad. We firmly believe in a collaborative approach that can be driven by the players and coaches.

“Gen Z, currently aged 12-27, are right in our wheelhouse here and we know that 70% of them feel more connected watching video with others.”

The ‘others’ in this context are teammates and coaches so, can we create opportunities for players to complete tasks together? After all, if we’re all working together to achieve the same objective on the field, let’s build on that away from it too. 

Watching yourself on video can take a bit of getting used to but is well worth it.

Stepping away from player development for a moment to highlight its value, there’s evidence in teacher education that using video not only improves reflective skills, but also enhances noticing.

“the use of video...carries the potential to build ‘noticing’ skills...with attention moving from the actions of teacher to thoseof learners... “  (Marsh & Mitchell, 2014.)

The noticing we’re talking about here is teachers whose ability to pick things up in live situations is improved. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a useful skill for playing sport too!

When you have curious athletes, who can lead their own learning and providing them with problems to solve is a positive, then the value lies in the video and the interactions you can have around it.

Let’s look at some practical steps to serve the needs of your curious athletes.

We have the Coach Missions, and it feels like our Superpowers mission is most appropriate here.  I mentioned that it can take some getting used to watching yourself on video.  It can be even harder if the video is used to constantly identify mistakes. So, lets flip that and build a playlist of all your superpowers in relation to your sport and role within it.

“We worked on their strengths rather than just their weaknesses. We wanted to boost their self-esteem and make them proud of who they were and their abilities. To be the best in the world, you have to get better at what you are already good at."           (Graham Henry) 

This mission focuses on it being player lead and collaborating with their coach, but there’s nothing to stop the players working together on this. Would it be beneficial for the squad to have clearer ideas of their teammate’s strengths? I think so.

“Generating new knowledge and revealing gaps in knowledge through peer instruction, then, effectively supports students’ ability to solve novel problems. Peer instruction can be an effective tool to generate new knowledge through discussion between peers and improve student understanding and metacognition.”  (Tullis and Goldstone, 2020)

It’s been mentioned before that we try to close the gap between what happens on field and off field, so you’ll notice that transfer in this situation and suggest that players could even lead practices to improve, or coach their teammates when they’re comfortable.

Most of the required tools to complete this will be found in the Playlists section of Coach Logic, so I’ve dropped a couple of videos below.  Within the playlists you can have all your content from the season in one video, edit the length and order of clips, and annotate them with drawings and text to reinforce the messages.

Enhance your superpowers video with Coach Logic’s drawing tools.

Complete guide to Coach Logic Playlists

If you’d like to find out more about how Coach Logic can motivate your squad to develop individually and collectively, please get in touch.

Why does peer instruction benefit student learning, Tullis and Goldstone, 2020.

The role of video in teacher professional development. Marsh and Mitchell, 2014. 

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