January 25, 2022

A player's perspective on player engagement through video analysis...

Written by:
Andy Muir
"Small bits of information can win a game, especially if the whole squad has the same mindset."

This was one of the views that 21 year old Hamish Ferguson offered up on the importance of being engaged in the video analysis process.

It's very compelling, and even more so in the context of another point he made...

"Analysis gives so much clarity coming into a game… even if it’s just 5 or 10 minutes."

It's powerful stuff and, hopefully, for those of you concerned about whether your players will engage or not this, and all the other quantitative and qualitative data we have, will confirm that they will.

Here's another example...

Player first analysis is an expectation, and it's easy to do

We all know that there is a lot of time spent checking out various social media platforms.

For those of you who keep tabs on your screentime, you won't be surprised to hear that this is in excess of 2 hours daily.

In this context, the expectation that your players will be happy to spend 10 minutes a week watching and engaging in video footage to help improve performance, is not a big.

As a coach, there is still a requirement to give them a reason to engage.

Knowing your players, and asking what they want, means you are best placed to know how to get them on board with video analysis for personal and team development.

For those of you looking for a few ideas, why not check out our Coach Missions that are firmly focussed on player engagement...

  • Collaborative Analysis
  • Superpowers
  • Game-Changers
  • Goldfish Bowl

Once set up, players don't need to spend any more than 10 minutes, using the Coach Logic sports video analysis software to get some real value out of the process.

It seems fitting to finish with a final player insight from Hamish...

Small parts of my game as an individual, and as part of the team, can be looked at. All contributing to a longer term development.


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