December 18, 2020

Annual Awards 2020

Written by:
Kenneth Rae

Each year we like to delve into our database and the numbers behind what our awesome members are doing with their platforms.

2020 was different in terms of how much sport was played, but loads of teams still managed to smash it!

Below is how we calculated the awards this year:

Here are the Player Awards:

The Coach Awards:

Next, the Team Awards:

The Leicester Tigers Academy

The Leicester Tigers Academy was perhaps a little unfair for inclusion, as they have just under a hundred people on their platform but they are still not fully professional so qualified for inclusion. Their usage is as close to gold-standard which we want more teams to learn from so included them.

Here are a few of their stats for 2020:

  • Video Uploaded: 247 hours
  • Video Played: 1002 hours
  • Clips Created: 3772
  • Playlists Created: 689
  • Messages Sent: 3414

Impressively, and the epitome of a collaborative approach was over 80 players created clips posted to the feed!

Coach Development

The results ended up being quite male-focused. We do have brilliant female coaches and players who use the platform so it was a shame that more didn't make the list. We could have skewed the results, to achieve this, but we didn't and these are all based on factual data.

Chloe Butler was the number one member on the England Rugby L3 Coach Development platform.

  • Video Uploaded: 8 hours 44
  • Video Played: 10 hours
  • Clips Created: 223
  • Playlists Created: 42
  • Messages Sent: 95.

Great effort throughout 2020, Chloe!

Here is a little insight from when we spoke to Chloe earlier in the year.

Summing Up

The last thing we want to mention is we've changed our terminology from 'user' to 'member'. We finally did it following @SocialDilemma_.

Data is vitally important to us, we treat it extremely securely in line with all applicable laws & regs. We will never sell nor mistreat it, or attempt to deceive people as 'users'.

We look forward to these members improving and evolving their platforms in 2021 and other teams following in their footsteps.

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