May 1, 2024

How to "Bring the feedback process to life..."

Written by:
Andy Muir

If a picture paints a thousand words, what happens when we put other pictures, and words, on pictures?

You’d expect that we see the value of pictures, moving and static, as a sports video analysis software company. 

It turns out that for Coach Logic users our drawing tools added last year are having a positive effect on the feedback process technically and tactically, but also from an engagement perspective.

“…drawing tools allow us to bring the feedback process to life as well as support conversations with players.”

What’s also been interesting is how often an arrow, circle, line is combined with text boxes to leave no doubt what coaches and players are looking at or want to discuss.

As always with Coach Logic, the players can also add the annotations so it’s not one way communication This is really helpful to get to a common ground individually and collectively, and from a coach’s perspective, it’s another opportunity to check for understanding.

“the drawing tools on Coach Logic, are so useful and easy to use! It has allowed us to add another level of understanding of the game, in a very easy way. The boys have benefitted so much from it.”

So much of the video analysis process is completed remotely for the many coaches and athletes using Coach Logic, so being able to clarify points using a combination of the tools available.

"the text and area tools are really helpful for the players to visualise and receive messages on their own time."

Something we hadn't considered was where languae barriers might exist. This might be in a traditional sense of working in a foreign country, but it also occurs that it improves accessibility generally and can be of value to break through technical jargon and support people who are new to the sport in question. They may be able to show it, but explaining it not so straightforward. A pretty helpful coaching approach regardless.

We've always tried to create a platform that allows you to coach off-field in the way you would on-field, and whilst we're not the first to bring drawing tools to this space, we'd like to think that they are up there in terms of value for time invested and user friendliness.

Thanks very much to Chris (Poland 7's), Chelsea (Uni of Alberta) and Karl (Whitgift / Wimbledon) for their insights in pulling this together.

You can give this a try for yourself by heading to, and would also recommend checking out the video below for a fuller explanation on how they can enhance your coaching.

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