June 10, 2020

A High-Quality First Season of Webinars

Written by:
Kenneth Rae

There you have it!

13 webinars completed; all uploaded, discussed and action notes ready for when we're back on the pitch.

Hockey, Rugby, Coaches, Players, Parents, Children, UK, American... the  first season covered plenty!

Lots of takeaways, both theoretical and practical, that will positively impact how we coach.

Even better? We got to share them with over 2,000 people, across the globe.

What Was Covered?

As you can see a vast-array of topics, people and expertise.

  • Building Success Through Teamwork - Chris Duncan
  • Coaching Through Their Lens - Edward Coughlan
  • Journey from Player to GM & Redefining High Performance - Emilie Bydwell
  • Seeing Through the Eyes of a Coach Analyst - Geraint Davies
  • Coaching Success Across School and Elite Club Hockey - Karl Stagno
  • Sharing The Load: Saving Time while Developing Players - James Bateman
  • Helping your Players by getting Parents ready for the "Return" - Richard Shorter
  • Defence in the Community Game - Phil Llewellyn
  • Designer Games: We Gotta a Game for that - Stuart Armstrong
  • Practice Design: A Case Study of the All Blacks from 2013 to 2018 - Nick Hill 
  • How We Get Players Engaged in their Own Development and Plan to Stay Connected: Gregor Wood and Stuart Edwards
  • How to support Player Development with Great Practice Design - Warren Abrahams
  • Leicester Tigers Academy: How We Get Players Engaged in Video Analysis - Tom Harrison, Luc Thomas and Matt Smith

All of the webinars were recorded and are available to view in The CLubhouse, our community platform.

And How Were They Received?

Lockdown has given most people a bit more time and the chance to learn, which is reflected in the numbers above. We were delighted to see how many of the webinars were watched back on-demand.

What Are The Next Steps?

''Mr CPDHappy' - a term first broached in Dr Ed Coughlan's webinar referring to the person who consumes a lot of content but doesn't actively learn or digest the information being presented.

We don't want you to be that person!

So what can you do to reinforce your time spent participating in these webinars?

1)  Creating Coaching Bubbles with Playlists

Through the platform it is possible to collate information across various webinars with the playlist feature. Mark also shows how to invite other coaches to contribute to these playlists and thus create coaching bubbles.

2) Adding Players to the Coaching Communities

 As part of our push to get players to #BeMoreCoach, in this video Mark shows you how to give players access to our Coach Communities, so they too can learn.

3) Completing a Remote Analysis Session

One aspect consistently referenced was the desire to bring greater learning opportunities online. James Bateman referred to 'casual collisions' and the power of the informal chat in his webinar. On the same theme, Matthew Gold of Abingdon School recently competed a fully-online analysis session with members of his rugby programme, looking at the performance of Saracens and England's Ben Earl. The players were all subsequently invited onto a call with Ben himself! Matthew explains how this was set up in the video.

4) Create a Webinar Clip for Discussion

Perhaps the easiest and most pertinent action following the completion of Season 1 is this one, explaining how to create clips. The creation of short clips can also be sent to the webinar presenters to create further discussion around the key moments.

Thank You

As Season 1 draws to a close, we'd like to say thanks to all those who presented, registered, joined in and asked questions.

We've thoroughly enjoyed running them over the past two months.

A quick reminder that Coach Logic remains free until the end of this month, which includes free access to the Coach Communities where the webinars are hosted. Our team are on-hand to support and are happy to run product demos before the playing season resumes. You can book one here.

If you do have any thoughts, feeling, questions or suggestions following the completion of the 1st Season of Webinars, do hit reply and let us know.

We are already planning an exciting Season 2!

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