November 3, 2021

Player first analysis: Problems and solutions for getting players to watch video in a meaningful way

Written by:
Andy Muir

Let's kick off with a couple of questions...

1.    What is player first video analysis?

2.    Is creating 1 or 2 clips per week too much to ask of your squad?

Player first video analysis, put simply, is video analysis that starts with the player.

This sounds simple, but the key comes from making sure players are motivated to start watching themselves in a meaningful way.

In a bit of a TLDR moment, all our evidence would show that when the right environment is created, they absolutely are.

The secret? Don't ask too much of them to achieve success.

Going back a step, think about your Gen Z player, what attributes do they have? 

-      Access to a smart phone 

-      Watch lots of video

-      Like being ‘social’ on digital platforms

If we dig into the 2nd point, research suggests that Gen Z will watch a lot of short videos.


In a sporting context where the match video might extend beyond an hour, this may appear to go against the likelihood of engagement from your squad.


With Coach Logic, there is nothing to stop them from revisiting the video on any number of occasions.  This is easily achieved as they have the match in their pocket with access available through their phone. 


They don’t know what to look for. 


As a coach you can help them, but you’d be surprised how much they do know.

Make it easy to achieve success around the area of engaging with their own development or contributing to the growth of the team.

Back to question 2; would you have faith that your players would create one individual and one team clip per week if framed in the right way?

It’s not our place to speak for anyone, but we're pretty sure there would be a lot of nodding heads if we asked this in room, so here are a couple of tips…

Individual Clip: ask them to identify their superpower by creating a clip and sending it to a coach or coaches.  You can download our Coach Missions that includes one on identifying superpowers by clicking on the link. 

Team Clip: ask the players to find a clip of a teammate performing an action that benefits the team*. 

*You can supercharge the team clips by focussing on the actions that normally go unseen! 

The beauty of all this is that the time commitment by you, the coach, is minimal. 

If you want to go down the traditional route of tagging the full match you absolutely can. However, if you want to find out what’s important to your players, see what they’re seeing and build a positive team culture at the same time, we’d recommend having a crack at this approach. 

If you haven’t already watched Mark’s video on BJ Fogg’s behavioural model, I’d suggest checking that out. 

One of the key point’s Fogg makes about habit forming is to set the bar low, never raise it, but know you can always go above the bar! 

So, form the habit around watching video in an impactful and positive way with minimal effort and see where that takes you. 

If you’d like to find out more about how Coach Logic can help build these habits, why not get started with a trial and give us a shout.

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