June 24, 2021

We Have Officially Rebranded!

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Coach Logic

As we look ahead to a new season, in a year that’s been quite like any other, like many there’s been an opportunity to re-evaluate what we’re doing. The market for Sports Analysis products has become even-more cluttered with a bias towards a hierarchical coaching style and paralysis by analysis.

As you know, in the eight years since we first launched we have been passionate advocates of a collaborative coaching style that empowers players to take ownership of their development and ensures coaches to get out of their comfort zone by engaging with their players.

Too many sports analysis products deal with black and white and as we know sport is full of grey areas. We embrace the grey because regardless of what competition is the end game is always to improve.

Our new brand reflects this ethos through consistent messaging that focuses on the team as a whole that facilitates a broad range of contributions from players and coaches alike and ultimately enables us all to take a step closer to fulfilling our potential.

We have four tonal principles that help us communicate in a way that's both relevant and recognisably Coach Logic: Focused, The Real Deal, Collaborative Spirit and Pioneering.

This isn't a complete pivot however - we have always been passionate by Coaching and Player Development and indeed created Coach Logic to solve real problems these groups were experiencing. We have kept our name as Coach Logic and the mission to Connect The Game remains the same. You can read more on how that came to prominence here.

The platform continues to allow people to stay connected to their sporting passions, team and coach through the use of the Video Player and Feed.

We utilise images that portray people and technology together and show them carrying out their lives whilst thinking about the next game. The timeline style of imagery embraces the idea of connectivity by picturing off-pitch as well as on-pitch, bolstering the link between player and game.

Our logo has evolved. Here is how the new one came about:

Andy Muir, Coach Logic CEO commented: "We're passionate about sport and coaching, and ultimately want players to have their best experience. As such we will strive for Coach Logic to continue to offer an unrivalled collaborative experience for coaches and players alike. It is our hope that the rebrand clearly resonates with all the great coaches who already offer amazing experiences for the players to work with."
Mark Cairns, Co-founder and CPO backed this by saying: "We have always believed in the value of video as a key learning asset and for players to be central to that process of clipping and getting involved in the match analysis. That was a tough sell about nine years ago! Match Analysis was only really for the professional organisations and not a necessity for those in grassroots. That's now changed and it's an expectation for the players at all levels. It's never been a better time to get players involved in the process and we excited that this rebrand further epitomises these thoughts."

So, there you have it. The new Coach Logic brand. We love it.

We really hope you like it as well.

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