December 28, 2017

Magic Seven: Most Read Blogs of 2017

Written by:
Coach Logic

Another year draws to a close and it's time for us to reveal which blogs of 2017 have been read the most.

You can read 2016's here and 2015's here.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to write pieces this year (fewer guest entries than last year but that's perhaps because we haven't pestered people!)

Here's the list in a Top of the Pops style seven to one...

7. Hockey is leading the way in Team Sports

hockey leading the way

6 - What is a Performance Analyst?

what is a performance analyst?

5. Rugby Playing Styles that suit us or the Professionals?

rugby playing styles

4. Merchiston Castle School, led by DOR Roddy Deans, transforming the School Boy Rugby environment

merchiston castle blog

3. Pep Talks – does a motivating pre-game speech suit every athlete?

pep talks

2. Doing Your Time – The Value of a Coaching Apprenticeship

coaching apprenticeship

1. Rugby Union – Coaching a Wide to Wide Attack

wide to wide attack

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