November 10, 2021

Player first analysis has a compound effect

Written by:
Andy Muir

Following on from the previous article on Problems and Solutions for Player First Analysis, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the compound effect of such an approach.

We spoke about forming habits around watching video in an impactful and positive way with minimal effort, which is partially based on BJ Fogg’s approach to habit forming that is all about setting the bar low, never raising it, but knowing you can always go above that bar.

The compound effect is the strategy of reaping huge rewards from small, seemingly insignificant actions.

Whilst I wouldn’t suggest that tagging positive individual and team moments is insignificant, the action of committing to creating 2 clips per week feels small.

Now what about those huge rewards?

The compound effect was arguably brought to wider consciousness by Warren Buffett and his investment approach, which now sees him ranked as having a ridiculous net worth and in the upper echelons of the richest (in financial terms) people in the world.

We’re not here to talk about these types of rewards, but it does raise some interesting questions around those people who are task over ego orientated or are more intrinsically motivated instead of chasing extrinsic rewards.

Get your calculators out

Let’s look at the compound effect with our maths hats on for the 2 clips per week approach.

Put simply, at the end of a 30-week season, an individual has now created 60 positive clips across that season. 30 of these will be individual, and 30 focussed on teammates.

Focussing on the team clips, with a squad of 25, every week there are 25 clips of players elevating their teammates by identifying their positive actions that impacted the team. For those good at maths, you may have got there already, but in a 30 week season that is 750 times your squad have given a shout out to their teammates in a positive way across the season.

You can’t measure culture, but…

They say you can’t measure culture, but for those familiar with lead metrics this feels like a strong approach to track the critical activities that will result in a positive culture.

As far as huge rewards go, guaranteeing there are a minimum of 750 positive moments in a season from such a small effort feels like that box is ticked.

Coach Logic is ideally set up to help you achieve this approach.  It is the most player friendly video analysis software out there, which means creating clips can be done on any device at any time using our ‘Tag First’ approach.

Players, and coaches, can start, refine, and publish playlists from multiple videos in Coach Logic.

Playlists we typically see are based around individual development plans and highlights. There are obvious performance benefits of this, but as we all get into sport for the enjoyment and social factors too, it is a really nice way to grab those memories to share with others.

If you’d like to find out more about how Coach Logic can help influence your team culture as well as on-field performance, why not get started with a trial and give us a shout.

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