May 3, 2017

Why involving your players in match analysis is a killer move

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The coaching landscape is changing.  With the rise of smartphone adoption, a growing demographic of digitally savvy Millennial and Gen Z athletes, easily accessible recording tech and an ever-connected web environment; there’s never been a better moment for coaches to capitalise on the power of video analysis software.

Top coaches are turning to video analysis and feedback platforms as they recognise its undeniable ability to drive better performance in players and as these technologies become more sophisticated and user friendly, coaches slow to adopt, might be putting their team’s success in serious jeopardy by not empowering their players with these valuable development tools.

A recent coach survey found 87% of coaches use video-based learning and a telling 100% think video-based learning is effective with 94% believing it has improved player’s decision-making on the field.  It’s not just the raw analysis that’s important either.  84% felt coach-player communication is crucial both on and off the pitch and 92% of coaches felt player involvement is important or crucial in the analysis process.  That’s because, according to the Journal of Memory & Cognition, when it comes to cementing knowledge and retaining information accurately and long term, being involved in the learning process and actually preparing to teach someone else is vital.

Given the importance of feedback, communication and player involvement in effective player development, it is the video analysis softwares that enable these types of interaction that offer the true benefit for teams and their coaches.  It is this subtle but key difference between just pure analysis vs. analysis + feedback that can tip the scales between winning and losing a game.

Coach Logic’s platform, for example not only allows you to upload, store and review HD quality video analysis but crucially allows you and players to highlight key events, add notes and provide player copies for accelerated learning.

Easy 2-way communication on an individual and group level with the ability to conveniently share relevant information and motivate your team by fostering lively discussion is a must for any effective video analysis solution.  In order to make sure players love using it, a slick user experience is also important.  By being able to slow down or skip specific sections of video, easily create filters and tag events quickly, user engagement is guaranteed to grow, along with players’ tactical understanding and general development.

“Video analysis is a big part of the game nowadays in terms of the feedback the athletes need.  We wanted something that we really value as a group and when you have a tool that allows ease-of-access like Coach Logic does, it’s quite an easy one for the athletes to get into.  Coach Logic also helps to facilitate that time away from the pitch where it can be lost development when you don’t see your athletes or players as much as possible.” - Kevin Johnson, Wales Womens Hockey Head Coach

If you want to start getting the best from your players through professional coaching tools that are currently being used by some of the world’s elite coaches, why not sign-up for a free trial?

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