June 6, 2019

Self-pay gives everyone the Power to Analyse Performance

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Coach Logic

We're delighted to officially announce our new self-pay model!

For just £4.99 per month a user gets everything.

Anyone can review match footage, create clips & highlights and invite others to collaborate. Right now we're including your first 10 hours of video in this launch offer.

We asked international goalkeeper of the year David Harte for his thoughts:

“Would I pay to get professional and high quality video analysis? Yes, without a doubt. It makes a huge difference to both my own game and the team as a whole. Paying a small monthly amount for that level of self-knowledge is a tiny price to pay.”

Tell me more about Self-Pay

We want every coach or player to have the ability to start using video analysis to support their personal and team ambitions.

We give away the full video room experience to everyone with full analyst rights meaning for £4.99 they can:

  • Review match footage on the move from any browser or on our app;

  • Create clips and highlights to share offline or through social media channels;

  • Collaborate and engage with the analysis to improve game-understanding.

We believe we offer the most fair, transparent and convenient offering in Video Analysis.

The Self-pay model also allows clubs to split the cost amongst their team, which in-turn guarantees individuals buy-in to their development. In this situation, every user still gets full access rights.

A word from Mark Cairns, CPO and co-founder of Coach Logic:

"When Andy & I started out creating Coach Logic we wanted to align analysis with best coaching practice & make it available to all. We’ve worked hard on the product & now have a pricing model that makes it accessible no matter the budget."

What do you get for a fiver these days?

You might get a coffee and croissant? Probably not if it's bought from a service station on your way back from a game.

Maybe it's time to re-assess where you're spending your money.

Investing in Coach Logic is investing in your future and giving you the tools to become a better coach or player.

We offer a free 15 day trial and you can get more information on what's included here.

Why not get started today? Sign up here

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