September 3, 2018

Feature Update: Self-Pay for ambitious players

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Coach Logic

Since day one, Coach Logic has been a platform for ambitious coaches and ambitious players. Whilst we've always been focused on delivering value for money for clubs, in some cases teams have wanted the players themselves to contribute to the cost of the platform.

Enter Coach Logic Self-Pay.

Whether to help spread the cost, or simply to ensure players are committed to the analysis process, clubs can now share the platform cost with their users. Our research tells us that for the truly ambitious players out there, this is a small price to pay to contribute to their continued development as an athlete.

The benefits for clubs, beyond the reduced platform cost, is that players are (quite literally) bought into their own development. This demonstration of commitment ensures continued engagement from players and a reduced risk of a club paying for unused player accounts. It's a win-win.

Coach Logic founder Mark Cairns says:

"I'm delighted that Self-Pay has been released, after being planned for quite some time.  Coach Logic may have been launched with Coaches in mind, but this is another step of many towards making the platform more player-centric.

Not only will Self-Pay make the platform more affordable to clubs, but it will help us to ensure every player can commit to their own learning for just £2.50 a month.

If you'd be interested in utilising the self-pay model at your club, please feel free to get in touch.

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