February 9, 2024

Your team are watching more video than you

Written by:
Andy Muir

When coaches are interested in using Coach Logic, there is often a reservation that goes something like this...

"I'm just not sure my players will watch the video..."

Well, we can categorically tell you that, on Coach Logic, they will and do!

In fact 80% of all video viewed on Coach Logic is by players.

Breaking it down it makes total sense, because the vast majority of people using Coach Logic are players.

When a rugby coach makes the decision to use Coach Logic they will bring a squad of players, which will be bigger than a hockey squad that is similar size to a football squad, who are generally bigger than a netball squad.

However, what is consistent is that if you make video content available to these squads, they will watch it.

Now you've got your players on Coach Logic and watching the video, there is already some learning and player development happening.

If you'd like to supercharge that development, we'd like to think we've got that covered too.

Coach Logic is more than just online sports video analysis software. It is player engagement.

Years have been spent building and improving a video analysis platform that is not just a watered down version of more traditional local solutions.

We are totally focussed on enhancing the coach and player experience, so in order to help you on your way, we have also created the Coach Logic Coach Missions, which are 4 missions specifically designed with player engagement in mind, and have 4 distinct purposes:

  • Collaborative Analysis
  • Player Superpowers
  • Player Game Changers
  • Goldfish Bowl

If you'd like to find out more about just how powerful Coach Logic can be to enhance player engagement and development, why not start a free trial

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