September 23, 2021

3 Ways To Better Connect With Your Team

Written by:
Jack Campbell

Struggling with lack of communication and interaction with your team?

Look no further. Coach Logic is here to help, providing you with 3 ways to better connect with your team:

  • Role Model Performance Analysis & Reviews
  • Live/recorded Webinars for Players 
  • Encourage Players to Reveal Their Inner-Coach

Role Model Performance Analysis & Reviews

A brilliant method of encouraging your team to improve identifying, analysing, and reviewing certain areas in performances, is by reviewing footage of professional players. Using role models is a simple way for them to compare their performance, as well as the team’s performance.

For example, Matthew Gold, Director of Rugby at Abingdon School invited Ben Earl to a webinar with the Abingdon 1st XV. Earl requested the Abingdon players to analyse one of his match performances and present a review of their analysis to him. From this, the players learned methods of identifying, new ways of analysing from different viewpoints, and effective presentation skills.

This opportunity for the Abingdon players was fantastic. Any opportunity to analyse a professional’s performance and discuss with them, is practical and relatable.

Learn more about Ben Earl’s performance review by the Abingdon players.

Watch the video clip shown below.

Live/recorded Webinars for Players

Hosting webinars solely focused on Coach Logic walkthroughs, tips and tricks is a great way of engaging players to become more interactive with our video analysis software. Whether it’s live and/or recorded, player’s are able to join via Zoom Meetings, to view a shared screen and to be taught about sporting tactics, plays, and performances.

Teaching games for understanding and development goes a long way for young players that want to improve their own performance. It’s relatable and concise. This gives players the opportunity to have fun, learn a new skill of editing videos, and show-off their clips to teammates and coaches.

Abingdon School did a great job with hosting webinars, allowing players to join, and be challenged with creating their own playlists and clips, using Coach Logic’s video analysis software. It’s easy to see the players enjoyed making their own highlights and showing them off. It’s a fun and creative way to challenge your players.

Learn more about different ideas to challenge your players on Coach Logic’s video analysis software. Watch this informative video about Abingdon schools webinars.

Encourage Your Players to Reveal Their Inner-Coach

It’s often found that players are uncomfortable speaking their mind, unwilling to show their level of understanding and knowledge for the game. Coach Logic has identified players are more knowledgeable about the game that meets the eye, we want to empower these players through the use of our game-changing product, to change their game.

Empowering players creates the freedom to learn, improvise, and explore new ways of visual learning. Emphasising the atmosphere of collaborative learning and interaction.

Change their game! Learn more about how the Director of Rugby at Abingdon School empowered his players.

Watch the video below.

We hope you are inspired to better connect with your team!

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