October 5, 2021

“How Can We Be Better?” - Bishop Wordsworth's School

Written by:
Jack Campbell

Bishop Wordsworth’s Director of Sport, Richard Demain-Griffiths joined co-founder of Coach Logic Andy Muir in a discussion of supporting player development via Coach Logic.

Uncovering Bishop Wordsworth’s School. How they came to start using Coach Logic, what their experiences were while using the video analysis software, and what they wanted players to get out of using Coach Logic.

Getting to know Bishop Wordsworth's...

Located in Salisbury, Wiltshire, this State Grammar School has competed nationally across all main sports. Traditionally named for Rugby. There’s a growing number of staff to help players excel and push to compete nationally with their chosen sports.

“As we are all P.E teachers here, including myself. We work from the very bottom in terms of developing people all the way to the very top. Therefore, like I say, it is a culture of opportunity and enjoyment for everybody, working towards getting better.” 
- Richard Demain-Griffiths

Initial thoughts… A worthy Investment?

Bishop Wordsworth’s were initially sceptical about being able to afford Coach Logic. Following a free trial they soon realised that this was a worthwhile investment and cost-effective. 

“Coach Logic offers a cost effective anywhere performance edge opportunity for players and staff to be more reflective, and collaborative in how we work towards the collective goal of being better” - Richard Demain-Griffiths

Benefits of using Coach Logic...

Ensuring that all the staff using the platform are satisfied with analysing other players’ performances. It’s key that they’re able to make clips and playlists with ease - removing the frustration of time constraints. 

“One of the best things for us, about Coach Logic, is that it gives us access as P.E teachers to footage. Which can sometimes be a pain to create, modify, and present on other platforms. However, using Coach Logic, our players can use it themselves. Creating clips. Making their own playlists, which allows us to ongoingly look at them and review those playlists. I think it’ll make everyone’s lives in the process a lot easier. It’s brilliant. From an academic point of view to a sports performance point of view.” - Richard Demain-Griffiths

We listen and use feedback like this to ensure that other members on Coach Logic are able to be in the same boat as the staff at Bishop Wordsworth’s School. We are passionate yet level-headed. We don’t overstep the mark, especially with an audience who are new to Coach Logic.

Future Implementations with Coach Logic...

Upskilling staff and students. Empowering players with greater ownership on their use of Coach Logic. Through making highlights of themselves. Creating a try highlights, ‘Trylights’ video, which shows their fantastic tries and plays throughout their seasons.

“It’s a big part of what my message is to the boys. I’ve said this throughout my time and my leadership team knows this. That if I could have 20 coaches on the park, by upscaling the coaches within the players. I’ve got boys that want to take on those roles, then that’s what I’d like. Having 15 - 20 problem solvers that can work things out for themselves but then pass their knowledge on to the younger generation.” - Richard Demain-Griffiths

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