September 22, 2021

Bristol Bears' Lock Inspires Hampton’s 1st XV Players

Written by:
Jack Campbell

In this webinar, Mark is joined by Director of Rugby at Hampton School, Sean Thomson. Discussing how players kept engaged during the lockdown, with tips and inspiration from Bristol Bears lock, Dave Attwood. Additionally, how these players can learn from themselves by searching, testing, and implementing their own footage.

Learning from the Professionals...

To ensure that Sean was able to keep his players interested and inspired he hosted a webinar, inviting Dave Attwood. Who plays lock for Bristol Bears. These young players look up to Attwood because of his professional level of rugby, which the Hampton’s players aspire to play at. Attwood shared his experiences. 

“Dave was brilliant. He came on and spoke for an hour and a half to the boys. Covering lineouts, scrums, malls, little bit of dark arts stuff - which the players loved to hear about. Hearing about little things we can do to get a bit of an advantage. It shows what the professionals are doing, for example, Dave is now at Bristol Bears. He gave us insight into the ways they are improving.” - Sean Thomson 

It’s fantastic that Dave Attwood was willing to give an opportunity to young players to learn. Dealing with lockdown pressures, how he kept training throughout, and preparing mentally for each day.

Fundamentals of Coach Logic...

Uploads of game footage, for players to use and experiment with. It’s a fantastic way for them to learn, have fun, and experience Coach Logic for what it is. A video Analysis Software, made easy. Hampton’s players got familiar with the platform as it’s clear and concise. Once mastered the clipping, and to create a playlist, it was time for the communicative and interactive environment to commence.

“I spent a very small amount of time with them on the platform, showing them what to do. A couple of players asked what our key parameters would be for setting up clips, which I showed them how to. They then went away and started cracking on with it, clipping parts of games collaboratively as a team.” - Sean Thomson

From this, Hampton’s players were given set responsibilities for parts of a game. To create a playlist, and explain what’s working and what’s not. This gave players confidence to identify areas of improvement, and success. The Coach Logic Platform gave them the opportunity to construct team clips and playlists to share amongst each other.

Player development through our Rugby/ Football Analysis Software...

Young players are accustomed to being the source of content. They learn from it. They inspire. They educated others. This is noticeable from school player’s, they want to create clips and make them look exciting. Additionally, they also want to improve their game via constructive feedback, positive appraisal, and coaches feedback.

“Allowing the players to be content creators. They’re used to being that. Their world is, they create video, they push video out, it’s their content. Us (coaches) chucking videos at them, really isn’t their world. They learn from videos all the time. However, they have to be the ones to source it. Again, it’s not about them learning from something they get given. It’s about them searching, finding, and exploring. Making their minds up, and having discussions.” - Mark Cairns

Coach Logic empowers those to upload their own video footage. Confidence for the player’s when they are editing is crucial. Creating impactful, educational videos. To learn from themselves and to educate others that are eager to learn. It’s fantastic to learn that players are taking the upper hand in their own education and learning towards rugby analysis through Coach Logic.

We are confident. We want you to be confident in your performance.

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