September 23, 2021

Game Changing Prospects with Stockport Grammar School

Written by:
Jack Campbell

Mark Cairns is joined by fellow P.E Teacher and Head of Rugby at Stockport Grammar School, Hugo Corbett. Discussing coach and player engagement, coaching webinars, and Player’s interaction. This webinar involves mass detailing on coaching and player implementations, improving their game as well as building a commutative rugby community.

Using Ex-Stockport Grammar First XV Captains to Influence Current Players

To inspire his current pupils, Hugo had the idea to create a webinar with two ex-Stockport Grammar First XV Captains. The two captains and brothers, George and Patrick Chatterton, both share highlights from their time at Stockport Grammar School.

“I wanted to make the first one relevant to the boys. So, that they could really relate to it. They (George & Patrick) clipped together some of their schoolboy footage, and discussed it with the pupils.”  - Hugo Corbett

This was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils at Stockport Grammar. We are focused, as are these players at Stockport Grammar, to be efficient and streamlined in the ways of learning. We are to the point.

Future Implementations of Coach Logic at Stockport Grammar...

A big push is being made to get players more involved to create their own clips and playlists. Having the ability and knowledge, they can analyse their own game. As well as others. Creating an environment where interaction, analysis, and learning isn’t scarce. Young players come to Coach Logic to learn and improve.

“We have our First XV 9 (Scrumhalf), he could run a 9’s clinic. He can invite all the 9’s, set up some footage for them, and take them through plays. It can create a Secret Society of 9’s, that are eager to learn from one another.” - Hugo Corbett

This way of getting players to connect, creates a tight bond between player to player relationships. Allowing players to learn through visual methods, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok.

Impact of Video Analysis for Coaches and Young Players

The growing popularity of video analysis software for Coaching in any sport, makes it a challenge to enhance one's skills in editing and analysing. However, with Coach Logic, we make it easy. Coaches and players are able to improve their ability to edit videos in shorter periods of time. With ease, and confidence. Having the tools to comment, to verbalise your thoughts on a play, and construct feedback that can help another player improve. It is game changing.

“I needed to upskill myself, and realised I now need to present that information in a way that’s relevant for them. This is just a revolution. This has made a massive impact for me, because if I can just post a little clop out there, when the season gets going, and ask the players, ‘What do you guys see?’. Letting them comment and construct feedback. I think that’s going to be invaluable.” - Hugo Corbett

Impactful and improving the knowledge of the coaching environment, we are proud of the benefits we offer.

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