November 17, 2021

Player first analysis saves you 4 hours, and a lot of heart ache!

Written by:
Andy Muir

It’s Sunday afternoon, throughout the week you’ve spent large amount of your ‘spare’ time dedicated to the sport you coach, and now it’s family time.

But you also promised the squad you would review yesterday’s match and provide individual feedback with enough time for them to get their heads round it before you meet again on Tuesday evening.

You are staring down the barrel of 4 hours of watching, clicking, tagging, and sending clips around the squad.

At this point you realise, again, that the balance of being a mum, dad, wife, husband, or anything else that is not directly related to your coaching, and the motivated and ambitious coach is, to put it mildly, a touch tricky.

Does something have to give?


And here’s how…

Player first video analysis is the only way to approach this problem.

In the previous Player First articles we touched on creating good habits within the squad and followed up with the compound effect it can have on creating a positive team culture.

Now it’s time to lay out exactly how it can positively affect your life as a coach.

If we start with the basic maths, you might have a squad of 20, which can include any co-coaches, who were involved on your Saturday fixture.

There is only one of you!

So, instead of you sitting down ask each of those 20 to take around 5 minutes of the match to pick out the key moments.  Depending on the exact match time and squad numbers, the reality is that your 70-, 80- or 90-minute match has now been tagged in under 10 minutes.

That’s a win!

If we go back to the scenario at the beginning, where you had promised to give individual feedback; Player First analysis can solve that problem too.

Simply ask your squad to pick out one clip each that was important to their own, or the team’s, development and send it to you. There’s also the option to send it to the group to get some opinions from their peers.

Let’s say that each of those clips last 30 seconds, in a squad of 20 that is 10 minutes of footage you need to watch as a minimum.

Now, we also know that it’s highly likely you’ll watch more than this, but remember the game has been tagged already, and you will no doubt have some areas of the game you want to focus on anyway.

So, you’ve saved yourself the 4 hours on the Sunday and will put in an hour of watching the feedback clips and anything else you view as important. 

We’re not great at guessing games, but as coaches ourselves, we reckon you would have put in that hour anyway as you had a bit of natural forwards and backwards with your squad based on what you were sending to them.

Here are a few of the highlights from taking this approach… 

·      Saved yourself 4 hours (and some heartache)                       ✔

·      Match analysed in under 10 minutes                                       ✔

·      Player lead individual and team development                         ✔

To find out more about how to initiate this process, you can download our Coach Missions here.

Whilst your there, why not take out a free-trial and try it out for yourself.

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